Early studies included inventorying plants, brush control, and attempts at reseeding to improve forage conditions. Early livestock studies focused on supplemental feeding during drought, as well as practices to improve herd management.

Data Acknowledgment Policy

Individuals and institutions utilizing data from the Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center web site are requested to place the following acknowledgment in any publication in which these data are mentioned:

Data were provided from the Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center through the Department of Animal and Range Sciences. Funding for collecting these data was provided through grants and projects from New Mexico Agriculture Experiment Station and New Mexico State University.

Please send 2 copies of any publication that cites these data to:

Tim Ross
Interim Department Head
Department of Animal and Range Science
Box 30003, Dept. 3-I
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003-0003

User Application Form

The following form must be submitted to Dr. Derek Bailey, when applying for permission to conduct any type of research, etc. at the CDRRC.


Research Exclosures

Many areas of the ranch have been used for a variety of reasearch projects. The location of areas that have been excluded from large herbivores are shown with an information about the size of the exclosure and the date of establishment. Additionalinformation about the orginal purpose and current research within the exclosures is available from the CDRRC director.

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Exclosure Table (PDF)


RGSC 318 - On February 6, 2006 Emeritus Faculty Reldon Beck presented a seminar entitled Rain & Plant Distributions at the CDRRC.

Sixteenth Annual Jornada Symposium - Derek Bailey presented a seminar entitled Manipulation of Livestock Behavior to Develop Sustainable and Prescriptive Grazing Practices.

Completed Theses & Dissertations

The following listing of Masters and PhD research projects that have been completed at the CDRRC. We have tried to be as complete as possible. If we have omited a thesis or dissertation, please contact Derek Bailey.

A Partial Listing of Masters and PhD Research Projects